What is Citation Type Training

Learn and understand the training manual carefully before going to the actual aircraft trainingOne of the first things that people ask when they’re looking at ‘learn to fly’ courses is “what is citation type training?”. The citation type training courses are courses that are used to teach people how to fly specific types of Cessna and other light aircraft. Instead of wondering “What is citation type training?” it is probably a good idea to ask what specific type of training you need.

Learning to fly requires that you spend time in a simulator and in the classroom, as well as in real aircraft. You have to understand the regulations, how to plot routes, how to read instruments, and how to take off and land safely.

When you learn in one type of aircraft, you will be covered for that aircraft, and potentially some other similar classes, but if you want to fly other aircraft you may need separate training. Typically, people will learn in small light aircraft for short journeys, and work up to bigger journeys, cargo planes, passenger planes, etc.

Does a citation course requires more time?

A CE-525 type rating could include as much as 40 hours of classroom time, 12 hours of simulator time, and a few hours of real flight time, and before you go for the training it’s a good idea to actually sit down and try to learn some of the basics yourself. The flight manuals are large and complex, and you will need to invest a lot of time and effort into understanding them fully.

The tests are not designed to catch you out, but they will be harsh if you make mistakes, because mistakes in the air can cost lives. The light Cessna aircraft are quite tolerant, and have a lot of built in safeguards to avoid dangerous situations, but they still depend on you being prepared to take care of yourself.

You can book a single course and do it over a few days, with a little independent study. This is the best way to get trained in the early days as a private pilot, then you can join a club and do a ‘time share’ with a plane to rack up some flight time so that you can prepare to take on bigger aircraft or get the flying license that you have always dreamed of to become an airline pilot or to otherwise fly professionally. It all begins with that Citation Type training for a beginner pilot.